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Mon, Mar. 28th, 2005, 11:54 pm
celticsoulfire: HDGD Dobok and Training

Yay! I got my new Dobok today for Haidong Gumdo. We will be having our first grading within a month or so, so it's an essential thing to have - plus, it's just plain cool. You can see what it looks like from the website, but I might be able to get a picture of me in it uploaded some time (if I'm not too embarassed to share).

Today's HDGD class was very intense training, moreso than it has been for the last few weeks. We did lots of new stuff to start the class, and then we did the 12 Basic Movements and Formal Sparring 1. We did not do Form 1 and Form 2 like we usually do, but this wasn't essential, because I usually do an hour of training on Friday night with some friends. This extra training is pretty essential now, because we only get one one-hour class a week (with our one one-hour class of WonHwaDo preceding it. It was just me and Chris doing this extra training last friday, but the friday before it was me, Chris, Joyce, and Caroline.

So, yeah, I'm kind of tired, but blissfully so ;)

With Love and Light,
Frater Yechidah.

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